Annual Maintainance Contract

Walden offers an array of services to auto dealerships, fleet managers, and fixed based operators. We are proud members of the Long Island Business Aviation Association and have been an allied partner with GYNADA for over 18 years. Whether we are filing your Tier II filings for New York facilities or sampling ground water, we are continuously maintaining facility compliance, cutting costs, and ensuring health and safety for our clients.


A manufacturer company provides the service through AMC by themselves or with the help of service providers. These are the services which are being provided to the client after the product or the service is launched and provided to the client. These are the contracts to make sure the system keeps running and when a glitch is found, could be fixed by the manufacturer. The firm is allowed to use third party contract manufacturers depending on their needs. However, this will also depend on the agreement they have made with the third party.


The contract is usually for the period of 1 year but could be extended upto 3-5 years depending upon the mutual agreement of the manufacturer and the client. Regular maintenance is required for every product or service in order to keep them running an producing efficient outputs. Selecting an AMC service saves time and effort to search for a vendor, availability of products, spares parts, co-ordination between various departments, seeking internal approvals, paperwork etc. Usually the service providers give only service support and would charge separately for every part under AMC. However, in some cases, few parts are replaced during the visit by service engineer when it is mentioned in AMC contract that limited parts will be replaced.

Vital Components:

  • Name and address of both the parties
  • Details of the equipment under contract
  • Duration of contract
  • Nature of AMC (comprehensive or non-comprehensive)
  • Cost of the contract
  • Number of visits and breakdown calls by the service engineer
  • Payment terms
  • Penalty clause
  • Termination
  • Signature
  • Seal

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