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Our Promise

From the moment you though of us to the moment we deliver, you and your preference remain paramount to us. This is what makes our loyalty to our clients more adherring than the rest.

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Primus products are passed through various unique quality testing methods before being deliveres. We make sure to deliver to you the promise of giving you the best of products and services.


Welcome To The Primus Family

At Primus we believe in the promise of delivering you the best of products at the most affordable price. This is done by understanding all the client requiremtns and cartering to them in the most effficient way possible.

We at Primus dont belive in telling who we are, instead we let our work define us. Just hear what some of our Clients have to say about us so you can check for yourself.
The say "Do what the client asks". So we ask you. WHAT DO YOU WANT.
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-Sanjay Ratra-

We have got a solar power plant with battery bach up by Primus in Narwal, I must say, excellent plant performance.

-Rakesh Mehra-

We have got solar street lights installed on our farm house by Primus Energy. We have light in our farmhouse from sunset to sunrise. It switches on automatically in the evening and swtiches off automatically in the morning. Saves electricity and need no manual labour. Very helpful.

-Mehar Chand-

I think Primus Energy has solved all our problems. Being a farmer in Rajasthan, it is very difficult to sustain yourself and your family due to lack of water and electricity. Primus Energy has installed a solar water pump for us, since then we have both water and electricity. It starts automatically in the morning and switches off automatically at night.

-Piyush Goel-

We have got solar water heater installed by Primus, very satisfied with the system and I think they are best in the field regarding solar water heater.

We believe in pampering our clients way beyond re-proach, so come and let us make you feel home
below are some more of our works.

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